Party Pack

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Oh Fruck, this is big!!! Double your fun for up to 12 players!

Two copies of Oh Fruck! A Card Game for Real Fruckers. (Ages 12+)

Includes both decks (212 cards in all), handsomely packaged and ready for you to play. Human-made and proudly printed in the USA.

Includes two official Benevolent Order of the Fruckers membership cards. No Real Fruckers should be without their official IDs!

Plus, one Keep on Fruckin' trucker's cap! Great for weddings, funerals, and other social occasions.

Ships free anywhere in the USA.

  • 2 copies of the game!
  • 2 Benevolent Order of the Fruckers membership cards!
  • 1 Keep On Fruckin' truckers cap!
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA!