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Some Of Our Favorite House Rules

RED RASPBERRY RULE! Whenever a player discards a red card, that player must make a raspberry (fart) sound. If you forget, draw one card. – Submitted by Robert M., Harrisonburg, VA

NO “IFS” RULE! Players may no longer use the word “if.” Any player who says that word must draw a card. – Submitted by Eli M., Los Angeles, CA

SWAP TIL YOU DROP! After discarding an Oh Fruck! card, before you go again, you must swap hands with another player of your choice. – Submitted by David M., Los Altos, CA

BOUNCE BACK RAP BATTLE! A player who discards a BOUNCE BACK card says a phrase beginning with the word “Bounce.” Then, each player—in order around the table—must now say a phrase that rhymes. Continue around the table until someone messes up. That player must draw one card. – Submitted by Scott S., Salt Lake City, UT

COMMUNIST RULE! As a sign of Frucker solidarity, all players must be addressed as “Comrade.” If you fail to call someone comrade, draw one card. – Submitted by Sandro D., La Canada Flintridge, CA

QUESTIONING QUEENS! After playing a queen, ask any player a question. That player then asks another player a question. Continue asking questions until someone either fails to ask a question or answers a question. That player must draw one card. – Submitted by Miles F., Culver City, CA

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